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Rhinoplasty/ Nose Surgery/ Nose Job – Every patient is a different individual

  • Posted on- Jan 07, 2017
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Every patient is a different individual

As a Plastic Surgeon in Gurgaon, I come across many patients who want a nose surgery commonly called as a Nose job or in medical terminology a Rhinoplasty. Majority of these patients have some friend or acquaintance, which had a Rhinoplasty or read and see about the procedure from magazines or internet and are motivated to undergo the same surgery. Unfortunately they do not have indepth information, about the procedure, when they come for consultation. First thing, it has to be an understood is that there is nothing like a one constant/standard Rhinoplasty, which is suitable for all patients, who come for Rhinoplasty Surgery. That is exactly the reason a standard cost of Rhinoplasty Surgery cannot be quoted, for the procedure, to the patient –who wants the information over phone. Before quoting the price of surgery (any cosmetic surgery), it is very important to examine a patient thoroughly, plan out all the steps of correction needed & then only a gross idea of the expenses involved can be conveyed.

Different patients may come with different complains like – Excessive size, the wide bones, the flaring nostrils, the bump on nose, increased bridge height, more or less tip projection, unsatisfactory nasal length, nasal asymmetry , difficulty in breathing (due to multiple causes of blocked airway) to name a just few. The operative goals for the cosmetic Surgeon may be – Correct nasal airway obstruction (in which case a preoperative examination and surgical assistance of an ENT surgeon or Otorhinolaryngologist may be needed) correct tip asymmetry and increase projection, correct nasal deviation, correct low radix, correct a dorsal hump or increased dorsal height, correction of bulbous tip, narrow nasal base, increase nasal length, narrow the bony dorsum, correction of cleft lip nose deformity & correct a short upper lip. So, it is clearly obvious that different problems require different solutions.

Individualistic patient history of other co-morbid conditions, tremendously involve course of treatment as well as surgery. Patient should be specially asked about breathing problems (specially through nose while lying down ), associated lung conditions, whether patients are complete or partial mouth breathers, migraine headache, associated psychological disorders, history of prolonged bleeding and easy bruising after mild trauma, increased blood pressure problems or hypertension, Diabetes presence and control , previous trauma or surgery to nose, presence of sinusitis pain and /or infection, associated sore throat, use of spectacles for abnormal eye vision, Dental caries & habits like cigarette smoking or alcohol addiction.

So it becomes very clear — that every patient is a different individual and Rhinoplasty surgery has to be individualized according to the patient


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16-09-2017 01:37 PM

It has been almost 2 years since my rhinoplasty surgery and I can't believe how great I look. It was a life changing process.

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23-01-2017 09:31 AM

Can anybody tell me about the cost of this procedure. Thanks.

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