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Common Aesthetic Changes Seen in the Ageing Face & their Possible Treatments/ Solutions

  • Posted on- Jan 05, 2017
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  1. Downward descent of the lateral Brow — Anterior hairline lift, Coronal Lift, Temporal Lift, Botox
  2. Downward descent of central Brow — Anterior hairline lift, Coronal Lift, Botox
  3. Facial skin and fat, looseness & descent — Face lift, Neck Lift, Soft tissue Augmentation
  4. Looseness and Hanging of neck tissue — Platysmaplasty with face and neck lift
  5. Long upper lip — Lip Lift
  6. Lip Atrophy - Fat Injection
  7. Cheek fat Atrophy — Fat Injection
  8. Increased Nasolabial fold crease depth – Face lift, Fillers
  9. Lateral canthal ligament ptosis — Lateral Canthopexy
  10. Graying of anterior hairline, temporal hairline, sideburn – Hair colouring
  11. Thining and loss of hair at the anterior hairline, temporal hairline, sideburn – Hair Transplantation
  12. Crow ‘s Feet — Temporal or Lateral brow lift technique, Botox
  13. Glabellar Rhytids — Coronal Lifts, Botox
  14. Horizontal Forehead Rhytids — Coronal brow Lifts, Botox
  15. Orbicularis Oculi ptosis – Canthopexy
  16. Nasojugal groove deepening – Fat grafting
  17. Inferior Orbital Blepharochalasis — Blepharoplasty
  18. Superior Orbital Blepharochalasis – Blepharoplasty
  19. Weakening of the periorbital septa with fat herniation — Blepharoplasty
  20. Epidermal and dermal atrophy – Retin A, Microdermabrasion
  21. Sun damaged skin lesion — Laser resurfacing, chemical peels, skin care, sun avoidance
  22. Vasodilatations and exposure of small forehead veins — Sclerotherapy, V beam laser therapy
  23. Subcutaneous fat loss due to senile fat atrophy - Fat grafting.
  24. Midfacial complex ptosis —Facial volume augmentation (Photograph shows, Jeanne Calment, who was a French supercentenarian who has the longest confirmed human lifespan on record, living to the age of 122 years, 164 days).


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