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How to get rid of bloating

  • Posted on- Nov 15, 2016
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A bloated stomach is recipe of various health-related complications. Minimising the intake of salt and concentrating on a potassium-rich fibre diet can help in getting a flat stomach, say gastroenterologists. Here are some invaluable tips to prevent bloating.

Reduce salt in your diet

Taking more than required salt is a contributing factor towards developing bloating. Doctors recommend 1500 mg of salt intake every day. It’s better to put off salt from your dinner table and limit the amount while cooking. Avoid ready meals, salads with dressings and meticulously fast food that’s made up of rich spices. Don’t over-indulge in instant-cooking oats, ketchup, canned foods, salted nuts etc.

Add more fibre in your diet

Consuming a diet enriched with soluble and insoluble fibre is a great way to eradicate bloating that’s accompanied by constipation. Oranges, cabbage, bran flakes, peas, apples, banana, raspberries, mushrooms all are fibre rich foods, which when taken in right amounts can prevent scores of gastrointestinal problems. But avoid too much of these as it can prove counterproductive.

Concentrate on potassium-rich foods

Sodium helps body retain water and potassium rids of excess water. Eating bananas and sweet potatoes can help reduce your waistline. But make to have them in right quantities or else you can become fat too.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water ensures fibre can do its job valiantly. Lack of water in the body will increase the levels of sodium and potassium. Water constitutes about 60% of a human body weight and when it is in its purest form, no other beverage can beat it. Drink plenty of water before heading towards a gym session. At workplace, keep a bottle with you and fill it every time when it’s about to finish.

Avoid Heavy Foods

Turn away from foods that put extra pressure on your digestive system such as sugary or fatty foods. They create digestive stress. Instead ponder on whole foods and vegetables to heal the digestive system.

Artificial sweeteners

Consult any expert gastroenterologist and he’ll tell you how difficult it is for the stomach to digest artificial sweeteners found mainly in low-carbs and sugar-free foods. They contain bacteria which get stuck in the large intestine causing gas and bloating. Instead of artificial sweeteners, eat grapes, honey, dry fruits, organic jiggery which are not only mouth-watering but also extremely healthy.


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30-01-2018 07:35 AM

I drink water a lot. Will it decrease my obesity?

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25-06-2017 09:50 AM

I have a bloated stomach and that makes me very less active. Will definitely follow your suggestions and will be expecting better results.

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