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Lazoi Lifecare: The most promising healthcare start-up in India

  • Posted on- Oct 17, 2016
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Start-ups! They are everywhere, isn’t it? The concept has taken the Indian industrial sector by storm. Today, we can see at least one Start-up Company in every single sector in India. The biggest beneficiary of the Start-up boom is the Indian e-commerce sector, where players like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have transformed the way Indians shop. Not lagging behind is the healthcare sector. In fact, in the last couple of years there have been a number of start-ups which are transforming the Indian healthcare sector for better. This space, which was surprisingly not touched for nearly two decades, has suddenly found renewed interest. So much has already been done for the change that the blend of healthcare market and digital revolution has successfully plugged the holes in the disorganised health care system of India.

Credit for improved medical sector goes to various healthcare start-ups in India. Even the Indian Government has woken up to the fact that online healthcare companies hold the key for an ailing medical sector. The ideology of these promising healthcare start-ups in India is simple- Bridge the gap between doctors and patients bring them closer. However, it’s not easy as it sounds. In India, where doctor patient ratio is worse than 1:2000, where the country sees 253 deaths, per 100,000 people due to various factors, turning this ideology into results was indeed tough. But with sheer hard-work and perseverance, these online healthcare companies have managed to pull-off something which was not taken care of for nearly 20 years.

Lazoi Lifecare, one of the top ranked healthcare start-ups in India has played a pivotal role in revamping the Indian healthcare sector. The online healthcare company, which was founded in 2012, has already achieved remarkable feats in near four years of journey. Starting from meagre booking instant appointment with doctor service, this online healthcare solution provider has taken big leaps in the last year and a half. Now along with booking online appointment with doctors on their panel, one can also book health packages and diagnostic lab tests with hefty discounts on offer.

Mr. Suvro Ghosh, Founder of Lazoi said, “Our aim is to eliminate the distance and time in receiving the right medical treatment with the option of prior booking through a single-window concept. We have digitised the network which empowers patients to access affordable healthcare services. Moreover, the diagnostic lab tests for which patients have to run from pillar to post just to get them done can easily book on our website. One of the benefits of booking diagnostic tests online is that patients will receive timely reports in an absolutely hassle-free manner. Plus, we have got these amazing health packages for everyone employees, families, individuals, corporate, senior citizens etc.”

For patients, who are from far flung areas, the concept of online doctor consultation works well. With the comfort of their home, they can consult any doctor of their choosing online. Lazoi, which ranks amongst top 5 healthcare start-ups in India, is the first to offer such service. In short, you can get access to a mirage of healthcare services from just one website. That in itself is nothing short of incredible.

For many years, healthcare was a stinging problem in India, with no promising future and long-term solutions. Not even the government was able to deliver. The lack of expenditure on healthcare industry only added fuel to the fire, until the likes of Suvro Ghosh came forward and gave us a new vision. The challenge however for these respected healthcare start-ups in India will be to get the right funding and connect with the right audience. The change in the Indian healthcare industry is already visible and this paradigm shift will help both patients and doctors achieve the highest level of satisfaction.


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01-04-2017 08:45 AM

This is just because of the new ideas which the entrepreneurs are getting and they are turning it to start ups.

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14-01-2017 09:32 AM

Good to see you growing. Keep the good work up.

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