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Patients often make mistakes while selecting an IVF clinic

  • Posted on- Oct 13, 2016
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Today’s patients have enough information on their health conditions and infertile couples are no strangers, thanks to the internet. They know everything about IVF procedure and is a complicated treatment. The treatment’s success largely depends on the experience and expertise of the doctor. Further, they also know that different IVF clinics have distinguished success rates. This is the prime reason why they take so much time in searching for an IVF clinic with high success rate.

Despite deep research, many patients score poorly when it comes to selecting the right IVF clinic. Here stating reasons why this happens.

Firstly, many patients still believe that all IVF clinics are equipped with the latest technical force. Mere thinking on such lines is a mistake. For instance, 90% of IVF clinics in India still don’t have a full-time embryologist, and have to sort out their patients in order to use the services of a freelance embryologist.

Patients need to invest more hours of gathering information and doing their homework correctly, so they are capable of asking intellectual queries about their IVF treatment, rather than gracefully accept what the practitioner tells them. Unfortunately, it’s only after the failure of first attempt they get to realise their mistake.

Almost all the patients seek convenience- it means they chose an IVF clinic which is located near their home. While this may reduce the travelling costs, but it also means if the clinic does not have a good success rate, they may end up on the other side of the road. In order to save some, they end up wasting a lot.

Most patients happily trust their family doctor and request them to refer to an IVF clinic. Little do they have idea that doctors and even gynaecologists refer patients to those IVF clinics which fulfil their financial interests.

One of the reasons why patients are unable to distinguish between a good and bad IVF clinic is because of the lack of proper knowledge. They are in so much hurry that they hastily collect information and end up visiting the wrong one.

A good IVF clinic regularly provides images of developing embryo to the patients. Any clinic which fails to do that is unlikely to be called a good clinic. When it comes to investing time, patients must be willing to devote more.


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02-05-2017 07:23 AM

Can you please suggest any doctor which can help me out in case of IVF.

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26-12-2016 04:56 PM

It is the most performed assisted reproductive technique worldwide, which has helped many couples conceive successfully.

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