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Online Consultation offers quick and expedient diagnosis

  • Posted on- Oct 13, 2016
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Feeling ill and sitting for hours in a waiting room can seriously blow your mind off. Not only this wastes time but affects the costs incurred by a patient. In addition, physicians are unable to provide enough consultation time to the patients because of the overhead pressure. If this sounds bad, then there’s more. Many of the consultations are not at all necessary. 60% of the patients that visit urgent care are in no need of medical attention. All they seek is an advice from an expert healthcare practitioner. This gave birth to Online Consultation.

What is Online Consultation?

As the name suggests, online consultation is a discussion of health problems with preferred doctor and diagnosis that can be given over the internet. The practice is new but steadily gaining popularity. While not all diseases can be cured like this, many of the less threatening, which consumes a doctor’s valuable time, can be.

Online consultation is a cost-cutter, especially the travelling expenses one has to bear while visiting a doctor. Plus, patients don’t have to skip office just to honour an appointment, as they can consult doctor anytime, be it bang in the middle of the night or afternoon. This makes it invaluable because it cuts down on emergency room visits while reducing a doctor’s workload.

The positive aspects of online consultation

Apart from sheer convenience, there are multiple advantages attached to an online consultation. While still in its formative years, experts predict that in coming years it will be a service to reckon with.

  • Lower Costs: One of the perennial advantages of online consultation is that it incurs little cost. Breaking into a primary care physician can be really tricky if he’s pre-occupied. Emergency visits costs hundreds of rupees. On the other hand, consulting a doctor online only costs a fraction of this. This means patients are actually saving money while seeing an online doctor.
  • Staying Healthy: Many waiting rooms have regulations about sick people. The average waiting room may be full of harmful viruses, bacteria. Moreover, people already sick are vulnerable to them worsening their condition. With online consultation, their exposure to these harmful germs can be greatly reduced.
  • A-One for aged people: Though anyone with a PC and internet connection can consult online with a doctor, but elderly patients are most benefited. As they age, sense of sight and sound diminishes which makes driving a tough job, especially when they are driving alone. None of this matters when they consult their preferred medical professional online.


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12-01-2018 06:09 PM

Online Consultation can be a discussion of health problems and diagnosis that can be given over the internet.

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31-07-2017 03:51 AM

This is very good information. Patients can get appointments on the go on the phone.

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