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How to Add Treatment

2. Treatment:

It’s time to add treatment through “Treatment Master”. It’s located at the top-right corner, just below the doctor’s name. Please follow the instructions in order to add a new treatment:

• When you click on the Treatment Master, a window will open.
• Click on Add Treatment Master. A form will appear.

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• Enter the treatment name. For e.g. Fever, stomach pain, dark circles, any disease etc.
• Then in short, describe what you will be prescribing prior, in between and post the treatment.
• Enter the duration of the treatment, which means for how long the treatment will continue.
• Any stages of the treatment, please define them also.
• Any diagnosis you may have given to the patient.
• Finally, enter the cost and click the Save button.
• Once you have saved, click on Search Button and select the patient.

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