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How to Add Family Member & Family Information

6. Family Information: Add Family Member:

• Click on My Profile.

• When you scroll over family info icon, an option will appear to add family member. When you click on that, a form will appear. The form states add family details.
• Select the family member you want the profile for, i.e. wife, son, daughter, father, mother etc.
• Select the title, i.e. Dr., Ms., Mrs., Etc.
• Enter the first, last name along with birth details.
• Select the gender.
• If the family member is studying, then enter school /college name, address, teacher’s name and school’s contact number.
• If the family member is working in a company, then enter the company’s name, address and phone number.
• If you wish to upload an image of the selected family member, click on choose file. A window will open from where you can select the relevant image. After selection, click preview and then add button. The selected family member will be added to the list.

A) Family Information:

• When you click on Family Info, a form will appear.
• Enter total number of your family members.
• Select the family members and enter the count, i.e. number of sons, daughters, their siblings etc.
• Also, select the number of elders in the family, i.e. Father, mother, grandmother, grandfather etc.
• Click on Update button.

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