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  • Sri Sai Lions Netralaya
  • Kankarbagh, Bihar
  • B-144. P.c.Colony, Kankarbagh, Patna, Bihar
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Sri Sai Lions Netralaya is serving people with eye related diseases since December 12th, 2004. Their main focus is on cataract, which is a common eye-aliment and if is not treated or removed on time, leads to total blindness. Though cataract is curable, there are many people that do not look for help mainly because of poorness, and what they do not know is that with this problem they are heading towards blindness. Sri Sai Lions Netralaya is widely known for squint surgery in kankarbagh, patna.

Sri Sai Lions Netralaya started as a 10 bed Eye Hospital. Thanks to God and the tireless work of management and its specialized medical team, it has importantly grown in a short period of time. By December 2007, the hospital already had 25 beds, and by 2011, this multi-facility Eye Hospital counted with 70 beds as well as with many specialized services and advanced diagnostic equipments.

Sri Sai Lions Netralaya has specialization in the field of:

• Micro Surgery with Foldable Lens
• Phaco Surgery with Foldable Lens
• SICS with IOL
• Squint Surgery
• Oculoplastic
• Keretoplastic
• Glaucoma
• Squint Surgery
• Pterygium

You can book an online appointment with Sri Sai Lions Netralaya at


9:00AM - 9:00PM

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