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  • Vijetha Hospital
  • Maharanipeta, Andhra Pradesh
  • #15-13-12, Krishna Nagar Near Vinayaka Temple, Maharanipeta, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
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Vijetha Hospital is a private healthcare facility, located in, Maharanipeta in the Visakhapatnam. The Hospital employs highly skilled employees. Vijetha Hospital is a patient-centered facility that focuses in providing the highest quality medical services for the patient and his family at every level. Vijetha Hospital is designed to offer patients the recent evidence based medical treatment available. Vijetha hospital is recognized for its Cardiac Surgery Hospital in, Maharanipeta in the Visakhapatnam.

It is fully equipped with the latest advanced medical equipments to provide care in a safe environment. They at Vijetha Hospital ensure that our patients receive high standard care with empathy as we understand the importance of sense of well-being in fastening the healing process and promoting patient recovery. Vijetha hospital is also known for providing its best specialization in Bones & joint replacement , kidney & Liver transplant, Blood Bank, Critical Care, Robotic Surgery, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Best Cancer, Best Heart Hospital located in, Maharani peta in the Visakhapatnam.

Vijeya hospital has specialization in the field of:

• 24 hrs. Anesthesiologist & Intensivist
• 24 hrs. Trauma & Accident Care
• 24 hrs. Orthopedic & General Surgical Care
• 24 hrs. Emergency & Intensive Care
• 24 hrs. Poisoning Care
• 24 hrs. Neuro Surgical & Neuro Medical Intensive Care
• 24 hrs. Cardiologist Care (ICCU)
• 24 hrs. Nephro (Dialysis) Care
• 24 hrs. Pulmonologist & Asthma Care
• 24 hrs. ENT & FASCIO - Maxillary Services
• 24 hrs. BP & Diabetic Care
• 24 hrs. Neonatal & Pediatric Care
• 24 hrs. Obstetrics (Antenatal) and Gynec Care
• 24 hrs. Painless Labor
• 24 hrs. Obesity / Bariatric Surgeries
• 24 hrs. Physiotherapy
• 24 hrs. Ultrasound Scanning, X-Ray & Bedside ECG
• 24 hrs. Well equipped Computerized Diagnostic Lab
• 24 hrs. Medical Shop
• 24 hrs. Ambulance Services

You can book an online appointment with Vijetha hospital at


9:00AM - 9:00PM

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