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  • Drishti Eye Centre
  • NIT (New Industrial Town), Haryana
  • 20-21F, Fruit Garden, Railway road, Near Green Automobile, NIT (New Industrial Town), Faridabad, Haryana
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Drishti Eye Laser Centre is focused on providing the highest quality & value for money eye care services and has emerged as the most referred recognized eye care facility. It is the best eye surgery Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

Drishti Eye Laser Centre was established in 1990 and is registered with Directorate of Health Service Govt. of Nct Delhi Regn. No 2002/541 for the past 13 years. Drishti Eye Laser Centre is a patient centric centre for total eye care. It is the best cataract Surgery Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

At Dristhi Eye Laser Centre, our specialized team of doctors and certified technicians are committed to providing the highest level of care for our patients' eyes. In each case, our specialists dedicate time and attention to understanding the root causes of the patient's condition and the personalized treatment it requires. It is the best Lasik surgery Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

For the past 26 years, Drishti Eye Laser Centre, which is a single super specialty centre, has provided comprehensive eye care with state of the art Operation Theater equipped with the latest phacoemulsification equipments and microscopes. It is the best Glaucoma Treatment Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

Our super specialty centre offers Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, Oculoplasty, Retinal and Cornea Refractive Surgeries, eye surgery, cataract surgery, LASIK surgery, cornea treatment, glaucoma treatment, squint surgery, orbital surgery, eyelid surgery, and contact lens. It is the best Squint surgery Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

Drishti Eye Centre fully equipped eye centre with latest state of the art machines from USA and Germany with team of surgeons with special expertise in phacoemusification, vitreo retina, lasers and World class surgical and medical treatment, even for the most complicated forms of diseases in vitreous. It is the best Orbital Surgery Clinic in NIT Faridabad.

You can book an online appointment with doctors available at Drishti Eye Centre on www.Lazoi.com

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