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  • Narang Medical Centre
  • Kalkaji, Delhi
  • J-71, Near HDFC Bank, Kalkaji, South Delhi, Delhi
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Narang medical centre is located at Kalkaji in South Delhi. Narang Medical Centre is one of the best General Hospitals in Kalkaji with good customer service. Dr. V K Narang (Narang Medical Centre) in Delhi has made a rather exceptional name in the city. Narang medical centre is established by Dr.V.K Narang. It is the best Laparoscopic Surgery hospital in Kalkaji.

Over the years Dr. V K Narang (Narang Medical Centre) at Kalkaji has offered countless patients excellent treatment for various health issues. It is the best kidney stone removal hospital in Kalkaji. Being a general physician, this doctor handles a number of studies under this segment. Some of the departments that come under the physicians peripheral are neurology, dermatology, gastroenterology, diabetology, homeopathy and endocrinology. It is the best Painless Delivery hospital in Kalkaji.

Other illnesses can be treated at the clinic such as hair loss, asthma and other acute & chronic illnesses. This doctor is known to take care for the patients with an immense amount of sensitivity not just for their concerns but that of the family too. It is the best High Risk Pregnancy hospital in Kalkaji.

It provides all the needs as per required by the patient. It has multi-purpose technologies present at hospital which can easily cure disease of the person. It is the best Infertility hospital in Kalkaji.

It is the hospital with all luxuries and has full time staff-members services provide ambulance and other reasonable services also. Machines are well furnished and are of good quality without any defects. The doctors and nurses are readily available there for admitting and attending on their patients. They are employed by the hospitals to nurse the sick back to heath. It is the best Abortion hospital in Kalkaji.

The dedicated teams of doctors and nurses deliver the message of hope to their patients in the hospitals. The main building of the hospital is neat and clean. The rooms were airy and well ventilated. Here all cases of emergency were attended upon. Narang medical centre has an emergency ward also. It is the best Breast Screening hospital in Kalkaji.

The hospital is one of the well known public hospitals in KALKAJI. The hospital is backed up with a vision to offer the best in patient care and equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities. It is the Gynae Surgery hospital in Kalkaji.

Main aim of the hospital is to provide the best in patient care and it is equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities.

A team of well-trained medical staff, non-medical staff and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various services. It will satisfy your in any case relating to this hospital.

You can book an online appointment with doctors available at Narang medical centre on


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