Details of Allylestrenol Salt (Generic Drug)



Allylestrenol is a synthetic progestogen, prescribed for the prevention of threatened miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss. Allylestrenol should not be used by people with history of blood clot events, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, incomplete abortion, cancer, stroke, severe liver impairment, pregnancy and hypersensitivity.

Typical Uses

Allylestrenol is used to treat intrauterine growth retardation (poor growth of a foetus while in the mother's womb during pregnancy), threatened abortion (vaginal bleeding that occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy), habitual abortion (three or more consecutive pregnancy losses before 20 weeks of gestation) and threatened premature delivery.

Side Effects

Allylestrenol may lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, appetite/weight change fluid retention, oedema acnes, skin rash, urticaria depression, headache, fever, fatigue breast changes, hirsutism, changes in libido, altered menstrual cycles or irregular menstrual bleeding.

Drug Interactions

There are no drug interactions available for Allylestrenol presently.

Mechanism of action

Allylestrenol is a synthetic progesterone derivative. It stimulates the synthesis of body’s placental progesterone, increasing the secretion of placental hormones and hence averting the risk of abortion.

Pregnancy Category : C

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