• Dr. Balram Bhargava ( Consultant Dentist )
  • 47 years of experience
  • Recommend
  • BDS

About Dr. Balram Bhargava

Dr. B Bhargava is a Consultant Dentist in Noida.

Dr. B Bhargava was formerly associated with Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi.

Dr. B Bhargava is well known for providing services as a Dental Surgeon, Orthodontist, Implant, Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Bleaching, Alveolar Bone, Baby Teeth, Calcium, Cementum, Cuspid, Oral Surgeon.

Dr. B Bhargava also known for Dental Bonding, Enamel Shaping, Dental Anxiety and Fears, Fear of Needles, Bleeding Gums, Bad Breath, Black Hairy Tongue, Cold Sores, Dry Mouth, Fever Blisters, Oral Thrush, Trench Mouth, Tongue Sores, Tooth Decay, Tooth Discoloration.

Dr. B Bhargava is practicing for the last 44 years in the field of Dentistry.


  • Alveolar Bone
  • Artificial Fixed Teeth
  • Baby Teeth
  • Black Hairy Tongue
  • Bleeding Gums & Bad Breath
  • Cold Sores & Dry Mouth
  • Dental Anxiety and Fears
  • Dental Bonding & Enamel Shaping
  • Dental Surgery
  • Fear of Needles
  • Fever Blisters
  • Implant
  • Oral Surgery
  • Oral Thrush & Trench Mouth
  • Teeth Whitening & Bleaching
  • Tongue Sores & Tooth Decay
  • Tooth Discoloration

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