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DocPractice Premium: Complete Software
Doctor practice mangament software, EMR, software for doctors, doctor appointment booking software.

Now manage your practice successfully with DocPractice™ Premium

DocPractice™ Premium is one-time investment for all practicing doctors who find it difficult to manage their practice, especially when they have a strong patient base. It’s not easy to connect with each patient at any given point of time. With DocPractice™ Premium, you have this power to stay connected with your patients 365 days, 24x7.

Through DocPractice™, doctors can rightly inform patients about their practice, treatments, expertise, experience, educational qualifications, registration and license details etc. In short, patients get to know doctors better.

With all the relevant information in hand, a patient who is searching for a doctor online is able to make an informed decision about booking an online appointment.

Keeping in mind what doctors have to go through on a regular basis, Lazoi® created a unique practice management software, DocPractice™ Premium which sweeps away doctors’ heavy workload.

Manage appointments in an efficient manner with DocPractice™ Premium

When a doctor practices at different locations, i.e. nursing home, clinic and hospital, it becomes utterly difficult to keep track of appointments. However, this is a thing of past with DocPractice™ Premium at your service.

DocPractice™ Premium helps you organise appointments for each location in a simple manner to avoid any confusion. As soon as an appointment is booked, both the patient and doctor are informed via SMS and email. Plus, a confirmation call regarding the appointment booking goes to both of them.

The support team at Lazoi® assists patients in reaching the doctor’s clinic and then booking follow-up appointments using the patient register. A feedback call is also made to the patient for his reviews on the experience with the doctor.

Doctors can easily block appointments by using “Block Slot” feature of DocPractice™ Premium which enables them to block the period when they are unavailable to attend patients. For e.g. if you are practicing at different locations and want to block appointments for 1 or 2 locations, you can easily do that. Or if you wish to block appointments for certain period of time, say for an hour, DocPractice™ Premium helps you with that also. This remarkable feature eases the way you operate your practice and helps in booking appointments only when you are available.

Doctor practice mangament software, EMR, software for doctors, doctor appointment booking software
Doctor practice mangament software, EMR, software for doctors, doctor appointment booking software

Stay in touch with your patients even on holidays and vacations with DocPractice™ Premium

Patients, especially aged ones are completely dependent on the doctor for their treatment,regular check-ups and repeat medicines. They may require doctor’s round-the-clock coordination.
DocPractice™ Premium empowers doctors to view their patients’ details even when they are not present at the clinic or travelling.
Doctors have this facility of keeping all the prescriptions and treatments provided online for his patients. On the other hand, patients can maintain their medical records and reports which can be securely shared with doctors when they are not present at clinic/hospital.

Billing section of DocPractice™ Premium is a life-changing feature for doctors

For doctors, the billing section provided in DocPractice™ Premium helps generate invoices, keep their billing records online and get reminders on payment collections as well. For analysis, doctors can generate customized billing reports also.
The practice management software enables doctors to generate statements of partial payments as well. They can view previous payments and add new one too. The bills can be easily exported to an excel sheet or PDF with an option to print.
All the treatments provided by the doctors to their patients along with reports and prescriptions can be easily entered in “My Patient Register” section of DocPractice™ Premium. It is a cloud based service (highly encrypted with no security issues) with automatic updates of all the latest features, plugins etc which come within the package absolutely free.

Doctor practice mangament software, EMR, software for doctors, doctor appointment booking software
DocPractice- online patient management software, online software for doctors, EMR, complete software for doctors.

Managing follow-up appointments for all the patients made easy with DocPractice™ Premium

As a DocPractice™ Premium subscriber, you don’t need to worry about previously prescribed treatments/medical records (just in case lost) when a patient follows up. You’ll have the patient’s medical history at your desk almost instantly. Plus, you have the option of downloading these reports or prescriptions in case of an emergency.

Fanatical Support from Lazoi®

In case you need assistance, our multi-talented professionals are available round the clock with limitless phone and email support for your entire practice at absolutely NO COST. We leave no stone unturned in finding the right solutions for you. We focus exclusively on building end-to-end relationships with our doctors and patients.

Get to know how people are searching you with DocPractice™ Premium

My Popularity section in DocPractice™ Premium enables doctors to view their online presence in Google and other search engines. For e.g. which keywords are helping you to be on the first page of Google, which keywords people are using to reach you etc. Plus, to enhance their visibility, there is a dedicated Article section where doctors can write and publish their keyword-rich articles.

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