Plantar Wart, Causes and Symptoms of Plantar Wart

Plantar Wart

  • Posted on- May 11, 2018
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What is a plantar wart?

A plantar wart is a tiny growth or bump that can be found on the skin of the bottom of your foot.

What is the cause of plantar wart?

Warts are somehow caused by different viruses. Warts can easily spread from another part of your body to your foot. You can get a wart from touching someone else’s warts. Some people get warts more easily than other people.

How is plantar wart diagnosed?

Your doctor will ask about your symptoms, medical history and examine the bottom of your foot.

How can someone take care of himself?

The wart may be less painful if you put a bandage over the wart. This type of bandage covers the wart, leaving a hole directly over the wart and keeps pressure off the wart.

Follow your doctor’s instructions. Ask your doctor:

  • How long it will take to recover
  • What kind of activities you should avoid, including how much you can lift, and when you can return to your normal activities
  • How to take care of yourself at home
  • What symptoms or problems you should watch for and what to do if you have them

Make sure you know when you should come back for a checkup.


What are the symptoms of having a plantar wart?

You can notice a growth on the bottom of your foot. It may grow directly into the sole of your foot, it may stick out from the surface of the foot, or it may do both. It may hurt when you put weight on your foot.


How is plantar wart treated?

Plantar warts can be treated in many ways. Your doctor may:

  • Apply medicine on top of the wart to help kill the wart virus and remove the wart tissue
  • Freeze the wart
  • Burn the wart
  • Inject medicine into the wart
  • Remove the wart with surgery

You can get non prescription wart medicines and wart freezing applications at the drug store so you can treat the plantar wart at home.

Another treatment you can do at home needs duct tape: Cover the wart with duct tape. Once a week, remove the tape and soak the wart in water. Gently rub the wart with an emery board, sandpaper, or pumice stone. Put duct tape back on the wart about 12 hours later. Repeat this process until the wart is gone. It may take up to 2 months.

Most plantar warts go away without treatment in 6 months to 2 years. Some warts may not go away completely even with treatment, or they may grow back.


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