Visual Impairment, Causes and symptoms of Visual Impairment

Visual Impairment

  • Posted on- May 01, 2018
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What is Visual Impairment?

Visual Impairment can be known as a condition in which an individual's ability to see things are not fine. This means that the function of the eye for various reasons may become limited.

Visual Impairment can be referred to as anything ranging from not being able to see near or far things to partial or complete blindness.

The power of an individual to see objects clearly is termed as the visual acuity of the person and is a basic criterion for diagnosing an individual with visual impairment.

A visual field of an individual is the area that can cover which one can see clearly. This is yet another criterion for an individual to be diagnosed with visual impairment.

Different types of Visual Impairments?

  • Hypermetropia or far sightedness is a type of visual impairment in which an individual is not able to see objects that are far away from him or her.
  • Myopia or near sightedness is another type of visual impairment in which an individual is not able to see clearly the objects that are near to him or her.
  • Total blindness is a condition in which one is not able to see anything at all from both of the eyes.
  • Partial Blindness is a condition in which an individual is able to see to some extent from one eye.

What causes Visual Impairment?

There can be various causes for visual impairment of which some are mentioned below in which some are acquired and some are congenital. Some of the causes of visual impairment are:

Eye Injury: A direct blow or injury to the eye while working or in sports or in a motor vehicle crash may result in visual impairment, especially injuries to the cornea which are quite common.

Inherited Conditions: There are also some cases in which visual impairment is an inherited condition. One such medical condition which is an inherited visual impairment is known to be retinitis pigmentosa.

Eye Infection: There are specific eye infections which if transmitted from mother to child can further result in visual impairment in the child. Trachoma of the eyes caused by a contagious microorganism known as Chlamydia Trachomatis tends to also affect the eyes. This infection is mostly seen in countries with poor hygiene and sanitary conditions.

How is the cause of Visual Impairment diagnosed?

The diagnosis of the cause of visual impairment begins with knowing the history of the patient in which the doctor inquires about when the symptoms started and how bad is the eye sight.

In order to do this, the ophthalmologist will carry out a set of tests to find out the cause of the visual impairment and formulate the best treatment plan for the patient.

The next step will be to conduct an examination of the eyes in which the ophthalmologist will inspect the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, and lens.

Some of the tests are:

  • Snellen's Test
  • Visual Field Test
  • Tonometry Test




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