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  • Posted on- Nov 06, 2017
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What is Agnosia?


What are the symptoms of Agnosia?

  • Sometimes, it is difficult to find whether you have the Agnosia or not, but its symptoms dominate the working of your body so much that you come to know its presence. These symptoms include:

- Inability to identify people and sounds.

- Inability to recognize objects and shapes.

- Inability to recognize any familiar smell.


Which specialty of doctor to be consulted for the treatment of Agnosia in India?

What is the cost of Agnosia in India?

Which hospital to be preferred for Agnosia in India?


1. What are the causes of Agnosia?

  • Some of the most probable causes of Agnosia are:

- Dementia

- Carbon monoxide poisoning

- Encephalitis

- Traumatic brain injuries

- Strokes

2. What are the risks associated with Agnosia?

- Injury of head

- Diabetes and obesity

- Smoking

- Ageing

3. What are the possible ways to prevent Agnosia?

  • To prevent the occurrence of Agnosia, one needs to take care of following things:

- Avoiding stress and anxiety.

- Avoiding smoking.

- Maintaining a healthy diet.

- Getting regular checkup.

4. How is Agnosia diagnosed?

  • At Medanta in India, the clinical diagnosis of the Agnosia is usually done using two methods:

- Neuropsychological Testing

- Brain imaging

- MRI or CT scan

5. How is Agnosia treated?

  • Agnosia is treated by

- Antibiotics

Your doctor might recommend you to take antibiotics to relax the cerebral abscess for some time and then suggest you to undergo a surgery to drain it completely.

- Therapies

Different types of therapies will facilitate to reverse the consequences of brain disorder. In some cases, physiatrist or therapy will improve brain disorder, looking on its aetiology.


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