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Adenoid Hypertrophy

  • Posted on- Nov 03, 2017
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What is Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Adenoid hypertrophy (or enlarged adenoids) is the unusual enlargement of the adenoid tonsil. The inflammation is common in children, especially between age group 2-6 years. The enlargement of tissue can be either due to bacterial infection or physiological reason.

Adenoids are lymph tissues, similar to tonsils located in the upper air way between the nose and back of the throat. Adenoids are a part of the immune system and help the human body fight against infection.

Adenoids enlarge due to infection but normalize after the infection subsides. However, if they remain enlarged even after the infection has gone, it may create problems. One of the possible treatments is removing them from the body.


What are the symptoms of Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Enlarged adenoids can create a lot of problems. Children or person suffering from this disorder breathe through their mouth due to nasal cavity blockage. Breathing through mouth increases during night. The symptoms for the same are:

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1. What are the causes of Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Adenoids help fight against infections. They trap bacteria and virus entering the body through the mouth, causing the tonsils to swell and become inflamed. They return to normal once an infection subsides. If they remain enlarged, it may be due to:

  • Bacterial infection such as streptococcus.
  • Viral infection like adenovirus.
  • Can be inborn.

2. What are the risks associated with Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Major risks associated with Adenoid Hypertrophy are:

3. What are the possible ways to prevent Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Adenoid Hypertrophy is caused due to infection and allergies. You can prevent development of such condition in your child by giving them a healthy lifestyle that helps fight infections and allergies.

4. How is Adenoid Hypertrophy diagnosed?

At Medanta in India, following tests are used to identify the existence of adenoid hypertrophy:

5. How is Adenoid Hypertrophy treated?

At Medanta in India, our specialists may use various methods for effective treatment of the Adenoid Hypertrophy:

- Medications

Doctor at first may prefer medications such as nasal steroid to shrink the size of the adenoid. Antibiotics are also prescribed to fight infections.

- Surgery

In case the condition does not improve, surgery is recommended. The surgery is called adenoidectomy. If the child has been suffering from frequent tonsil infections, the doctor might remove the tonsils. The surgery is done under the influence of local anesthesia to calm the child.


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