Enlarged heart

Enlarged Heart

  • Posted on- May 13, 2014
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A cardiac disease is very common now days and the most common symptom of cardiac disease is an enlarged heart or in terms of medical science it is termed as Cardiomegaly. The heart is made up of cells and tissues which have the ability of exerting that helps to pump the blood to all the parts of the body. But an enlarged heart does not have the capacity to pump the blood effectively and this causes many heart diseases. People having Cardiomegaly have to depend on medications for longer period but it may be cured over time.

There are many causes of Cardiomegaly which are discussed below:

  • High blood pressure: High blood pressure will cause this disease as your heart takes more energy to pump the blood to all the parts of the body which increases the risk of enlarged heart.
  • Heart attack: When you face a heart attack, the damage caused due to the heart attack may enlarge your heart.
  • Abnormal heartbeat: When you have abnormal heartbeat the heart does not pump the blood effectively but to pump the blood the heart has to do extra work which may cause an enlargement in the heart.
  • Pregnancy: During the period of pregnancy or during the time of delivery you may have to face the problem of an enlarged heart.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is very dangerous to the heart. So more consumption of alcohol or cocaine can cause the problem of an enlarge heart.
  • Thyroid problem: Thyroid problems are common in case of both underactive and overactive and this leads to enlarge heart.
  • Heart valve diseases: In our heart there are 4 valves which flow the blood to all the parts of the body properly but if the valves are damaged or some disease arises like heart defect, infections etc. then there is possibility of enlarged heart.


Some type of symptoms may be found in people but there is no particular type of symptom to be sure of it. Some of the common symptoms are as follows:

Shortness of breath: Sometimes when the oxygen is not provided to the heart properly and then the heart becomes deficient to pump the blood to all the parts of the body and due to this the breath of a person becomes too low or in case of when you are applying more strength to any work then your heartbeat is too fast and this causes shortness of breath.

Irregular heart rhythm: When the heartbeat is not proper or it tends to beats too fast or too slow then it is a sign of irregular heart rhythm. It is an electrical supply to the heart as the heart pumps the blood to all the parts of the body.

Chest pain: Chest pain normally occurs when you are not feeling well and you experience a certain kind of pain that is on the left side or the center of the heart. If you experience chest pain immediately go to the doctor and take precautions.

Weight gain: Weight gain is also the symptom of enlarged heart. Before it becomes a problem for you, consult the doctor.

Diagnosis of enlarged heart: 

Chest X-ray:
 With the help of chest X-ray you can have proper measure of heart’s size depending on your age, gender weight and height. You can have rough estimate of heart’s enlargement.

ECGECG helps to know the electrical activity of your heart if any damage occurs then it will give signs of your enlarged heart.


  • Alcohol: Alcohol is injurious to health so if you avoid it’s consumption then your enlarged heart problem is resolved.
  • Blockages: If the blockage in blood vessels is opened then the heart problem is solved as blood vessels supply oxygen to the heart.
  • Blood pressure: If you control the level of blood pressure then the problem of enlarged heart can be eliminated or cured.

Heart is an important part of our body. It is the responsibility of an individual to take care of their heart problems. In case any problem or symptom arises you should immediately consult the doctor.


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