What is Congenital Heart Disease, Causes and symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital Heart Disease

  • Posted on- Dec 30, 2013
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Heart is the most important part of our body without which no one can live. But it is also true that the heart diseases are increasing rapidly day by day because of our life style. Congenital Heart Disease is a type of disease related to birth. Mostly, congenital heart diseases are found in newly born children. It includes the hole between the chambers of the heart because the blood does not flow in a proper way or blood flow is blocked. Some doctors say that it is the condition occurs when body doesn’t get enough oxygen. There are many symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease like shortness of breath, respiratory infections, heart murmur, and poor growth but sometimes these symptoms may not be felt while you are having Congenital Heart Disease. These diseases are related to heart severity or heart defects.

There are many causes of Congenital Heart Disease some of which are as follows:

  • Environmental factors: There are environmental factors which cause Congenital Heart Diseases in people as it contains chemicals or drugs. For example if mother has an infection of rubella, measles during pregnancy or some chemicals or drugs like alcohol, lithium or the mother is ill from diabetes, mellitus. During pregnancy you have to take care of yourself from various diseases and you have to take proper nutrition and diet.
  • Maternal diseases: Maternal diseases increase the chances of having Congenital Heart Disease. For example, when mother has Congenital Heart Disease or a child whose siblings are suffering from this disease, the chances of Congenital Heart Disease increase since they are related to each other by way of hormones.
  • Chromosome abnormalities: Chromosome abnormalities happen when parents’ DNA is added and parents have this type of disease or child having abnormality due to Congenital Heart Disease like Down’s syndrome. The studies revealed that 50 percent of child who have Down’s syndrome are having Congenital Heart Disease too.
There are many defects of Congenital Heart Disease:

  • Atrial septal defect: It is a common type of heart disease that enables the blood to flow from left to the right part of the heart. Septum is a separation between the left and right atria. If the septum is not present then left atria can go with oxygenated blood to the right atria in which deoxygenated blood is present and this can affect your heart as well as brain because no proper oxygen is provided to heart.
  • Aortic stenosis: It is a disease of heart valve in which opening of aortic valve is much narrowed. Aorta is the largest artery in the blood which carries the blood from all the parts of the body. Aorta and left ventricle is present in between the aortic valves. These symptoms are shortness of breath, exertion etc.




Many congenital heart defects can be diagnosed with the help of ultrasound when the women are pregnant for 18-24 weeks. This diagnose helps these women to have a proper care of her child so that proper precautions should be taken care of. There are many treatments of congenital heart disease. Some of them are as follows:

  • Medication: You have to follow doctor’s instructions strictly because congenital heart defects are different from person to person. Proper medicines should be taken after taking doctor’s advice.
  • Surgery: If the defect is serious then the surgery should be done. With the surgery you can decrease the effect of congenital heart disease. But before going under surgical treatment you should see whether surgical is the last option or with the help of medication you will be fine.
  • Regular exercise: Regular exercise would reduce the risk of having congenital heart disease. It improves your heart conditions like you will feel healthy and fit.
Congenital heart disease is serious but can be cured so take every step by which you can get over it but be sure that you have taken doctor’s advice. 


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