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Test Details & Preparation

  • Vitamin B12 and folate are separate tests often used in conjunction to detect deficiencies and to help diagnose the cause of certain anaemias, such as pernicious anaemia, an autoimmune disease that affects the absorption of B12.

  • B12 and folate tests may also be used to help evaluate an individual with an altered mental state or other behavioural changes, especially in the elderly.

  • Moreover, B12 and folate tests may be used in collaboration with other tests to help evaluate the general health and nutritional status of a person with signs and symptoms of significant malnutrition or dietary malabsorption.

  • B12 and folate levels may be ordered when a complete blood count (CBC) or blood smear, done as part of a health check-up or an evaluation for anaemia, indicates a low red blood cell (RBC) count with the presence of large RBCs.

  • Testing for B12 and folate levels may be appropriate when a person has diarrhoea, dizziness, fatigue, muscle weakness, loss of appetite, pale skin, shortness of breath and more.

  • B12 and folate testing may sometimes be ordered when a person is at risk of a deficiency, such as people with a history of malnutrition or a condition related to malabsorption.

  • A blood sample is obtained by inserting a needle into a vein in the arm for B12 and folate testing.

  • Fasting for 6-8 hours before sample collection may be required. Certain medicines may affect the test results your doctor will advise you on which ones to stop taking.

  • Normal B12 and folate levels may indicate that a person does not have a deficiency and that the signs and symptoms are likely due to another cause.

  • A low B12 or folate level in a person with signs and symptoms indicates that the person has a deficiency but does not necessarily reflect the severity of the anaemia.

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