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Test Details & Preparation

What is thyroid scan?

A thyroid scan is a kind of nuclear medicine test that uses a radioactive iodine tracer to check the structure and functioning of the thyroid gland.

In a thyroid scan, a radioactive tracer is used with a special camera to measure how much thyroid gland has absorbed the tracers from the blood. Tracer is injected inside the body or by providing it through pills. It generally passes through your body and while travelling it provides radiated signals. Signal is detected by the camera and scales the amount of tracer absorbed by the blood.

Thyroid scanner reflects the size, shape and maps the place of thyroid gland. It also highlights the overactive and underactive thyroid glands. Images are clicked from three different angles. Either iodine or technetium is used in the radioactive tracer.

Why thyroid scan is done?

A thyroid scan is performed because:

  • To figure out the problem of thyroid gland.
  • Check the increase of thyroid cancer in outer parts of thyroid glands. For evaluation, whole body test is performed.

How it is done?

In the nuclear medicine section, a thyroid scan is performed in a hospital’s radiology department. It will be performed by the professional of nuclear medicine.

Either radioactive iodine or technetium is used by the tracer. Either you will be injected with iodine in the vein or will be given it through the pills of iodine for 4 to 24 hours before the process of scanning.

What is the risk of Thyroid scan?

Thyroid scan has radiation which is not preferred for the pregnant women’s or women who are breast feeder for young children.

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