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  • Test Name - Stool Occult Blood
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Test Details & Preparation

  • Stool Occult Blood test is done to screen for digestive tract bleeding, which may be an indicator of colon cancer.

  • Stool Occult Blood test is performed annually, beginning at age 50 as part of a routine examination to screen for colon cancer as directed by your healthcare provider based on your family medical history.

  • Three stool samples are typically collected over several days and prepared on occult blood cards in order to provide for the most effective screening.

  • For Stool Occult Blood test, you will be instructed to avoid certain medications and follow certain dietary restrictions for several days before collecting the stool samples.

  • Stool Occult Blood test is generally negative.

  • A positive stool occult blood test indicates that abnormal bleeding is occurring somewhere in the digestive tract. This blood loss could be due to ulcers, diverticulosis, polyps, inflammatory bowel disease, haemorrhoids, blood swallowed due to bleeding gums or nosebleeds, or benign or cancerous tumours.

  • Bleeding, especially from polyps and tumours, is intermittent, so blood is not uniformly distributed in all stool samples. Taking three different samples on three different days increases the chances of detecting bleeding that is intermittent.

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