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Test Details & Preparation

  • Influenza Antigen test is done to determine whether or not you have an influenza infection to help your doctor make treatment decisions to help determine whether or not the flu has spread to your community.

  • Influenza Antigen test is performed when it is flu season and your doctor wants to determine whether your symptoms are due to seasonal influenza A or B or to other causes within 48 hours of the onset of your symptoms to help determine treatment options.

  • Sample for Influenza Antigen test depends on the requirements for the manufacturer's product being used. Usually, a sample collected on a swab from the nasopharynx or a nasal aspirate under approved circumstances, a throat swab.

  • No preparation needed for an Influenza Antigen test.

  • A positive flu test means that the affected person most likely has influenza A or B, and treatment with antiviral medication may be prescribed to minimize symptoms.

  • A negative influenza test may mean that the person has something other than influenza, that the test is not detecting the influenza strain, or that there is not sufficient virus in the specimen to allow it to be detected.

  • A positive molecular test result (RT-PCR) indicates that the person tested has influenza. Some of the tests that use this method can further identify the subtypes of influenza A, such as H1N1.

  • A viral culture, if positive, can be used to identify the virus present. If the virus present is influenza, further tests can be performed to characterize which strain is present and its susceptibility to antiviral agents.

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