hysterosalpingogram test, female fertility potential, female fertility, radiological process" /> hysterosalpingogram test, female fertility potential, female fertility, radiological process" />
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Test Details & Preparation

Hysterosalpingogram or HSG is an important test used to determine the female fertility potential. This test is a radiological process or procedure that is carried out in an outpatient radiology facility or hospital’s radiology department. A hysterosalpingogram test includes an X-ray of the fallopian tubes and uterus, allowing visualization of the inside of uterus and fallopian tubes. The picture reveals any abnormalities in the uterus as well as other tubal defects or problems such as blockage and dilation (hydrosalpinx). If a sterilization reversal is well planned, the blocked tubal areas can be seen and this helps greatly in planning the reconstructive procedures.

HSG test can be ordered or done as part of the infertility work up. It’s commonly done when a woman has experienced a few miscarriages before, since recurrent miscarriages can be caused by abnormal uterine shape. The test checks whether the fallopian tubes are blocked or open, when blocked, the woman cannot get pregnant because the egg can’t meet the sperm. The test also checks whether the shape of the uterus is normal.

Before you undertake a HSG test, it’s important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or you might be pregnant currently you have pelvic infection or sexually transmitted infections allergic in any way to the iodine dye that is used or any other substance that contains iodine have any bleeding problems or you are currently taking any blood thinning medicines such as warfarin or aspirin or have a history of diabetes or kidney problems, especially if you are taking metformin, Glucophageto control diabetes.

A HSG test should be done about 5 days after your menstruation cycle has ended to ensure that you are not pregnant. It also needs to be done before ovulation to prevent using X-rays during early pregnancy.

There will always be a very small chance that this test can damage your cells due to tissue exposure to radiation. The potential benefits of the test are greater as compared to chances of damage from the x-rays. There is usually a small chance of pelvic infection, salpingitis and endometritis after the test. However, the chances may be high in women with a history of pelvic infection.

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