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  • Test Name - Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (CFA)
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Test Details & Preparation

  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (CFA) test is done to diagnose a disease or condition affecting the central nervous system such as infection, bleeding within the brain or skull, cancer, or autoimmune disorder.

  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis (CFA) test is performed when your doctor suspects that your symptoms are due to a condition or disease involving your central nervous system

  • A sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collected by a doctor from the lower back using a procedure called a lumbar puncture or spinal tap.

  • You will be instructed to empty your bladder and bowels prior to sample collection. It will be necessary to lie still in a curled-up foetal position during the collection and to lie flat and still for a time period after the collection.

  • CSF usually contains a small amount of protein and glucose and may have a few white blood cells.

  • Any condition that disrupts the normal pressure or flow of CSF or the protective ability of the blood/brain barrier can result in abnormal results of CSF testing.

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