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Cadmium is a metal found in natural deposits such as ores. Cadmium is used primarily for metal plating and in coating operations, including transportation equipment, machinery, baking enamels, photography and televisions. It is also used in nickel-cadmium solar batteries and pigments. Cadmium can also be found in contaminated drinking water. The major sources of cadmium in drinking water are corrosion of galvanized pipes, erosion of natural deposits, discharge from metal refineries and runoff from waste batteries and paints.

Some people who drink water containing cadmium could experience kidney damage. Cadmium can also have toxic effects on the skeletal and respiratory systems. Cadmium is readily accumulated by shellfish, so consumption of those items can produce exposure. A major source of Cadmium exposure also comes from tobacco smoking, found both in smokers and those subjected to second-hand smoke.

Occupational exposure to Cadmium in the workplace can also occur. Some top work activities that may put you at risk for exposure include recycling operations, mining, waste management, and battery manufacturing.

Exposure to Cadmium can cause diarrhoea, bone fractures, infertility and cancer.

Exposure to Cadmium can have very serious consequences for your body, and you may not know right away if you have been exposed. If you live in an area where you might have been exposed to environmental Cadmium, you may decide to choose this test. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to Cadmium.

Quantitative determination of Cadmium can be performed using different methods and techniques including Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), Inductively coupled plasma techniques (ICP), Mass spectrometry and Electrochemical techniques such as adsorptive cathodic stripping voltametry (ACSV).

High levels of Cadmium could indicate Cadmium poisoning. Likewise, low levels of Cadmium may indicate exposure to Cadmium.

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