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  • Test Name - Anti Hepatitis A Virus IgG
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Test Details & Preparation

  • Hepatitis A Testing is done to help diagnose the cause of acute hepatitis as part of a viral hepatitis panel to identify the type of hepatitis virus causing an infection sometimes to evaluate the need for the hepatitis A vaccine.

  • Hepatitis A Testing is performed when you have symptoms of an acute hepatitis infection, such as jaundice, or when you may have been exposed to hepatitis A virus (HAV).

  • A blood sample drawn from a vein in your arm for Hepatitis A Testing.

  • No preparation is needed for Hepatitis A Testing.

  • A positive Hepatitis A testing means an acute or recent HAV infection.

  • A negative Hepatitis A testing means no active infection but previous HAV exposure has developed immunity to HAV or recently vaccinated for HAV.

  • If the total antibody test or hepatitis A IgG result is positive and someone has never been vaccinated against HAV, then the person has had past exposure to the virus.

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