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About Ganesh Diagnostc & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd
Ganesh Diagnostics & Imaging Centre 

Ganesh Diagnostics & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd is one of India's upcoming diagnostic providers with major centers around the country. Our vision is to offer a diagnostic service with a reputation for superior quality‚ speed of service and convenience.

Ganesh Diagnostics & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd has been established with the aim of providing exceptional client care in the medical diagnostic field. In Ganesh Diagnostics & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd a complete armamentarium of health care packages are available. A diagnostic center where modern technology blends with a culture of care. Ganesh Diagnostics & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd serves as a platform to fill a void that exists in the Indian diagnostic industry. The un-organized nature of diagnostic retail‚ dominance of mom and pop centres‚ customer curiosity‚ continuous technological evolution in Diagnosis has created a void between what the customer really wants and what’s available in terms of a "Customer Offering." Our centres cater to the unique needs of both clients and referring clinicians

Services :

Medical Microbiology:
Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, worms and protozoa. Microbiology is concerned with their distribution, role in the environment and relationship to other living organisms including humans in health and disease. Any bodily fluid or tissue can be examined for infectious disease. The role of the microbiology laboratory is the diagnosis of infectious organisms and testing to identify the most appropriate treatment to fight the infection.

General X-Ray:
The familiar 'X-ray' was the earliest of the currently utilized diagnostic imaging techniques to be applied to clinical practice. X-rays are still widely used in general medicine particularly for imaging bones and the chest. A radiography is a visible photographic record produced on a special type of film by X-rays passing through a body part. A specially trained radiographer positions the client on the X-ray table and aligns the X-ray beam. X-rays have enough energy to pass through body tissue, however some X-rays are absorbed or scattered. Dense tissue such as bone absorbs more radiation than soft tissue. The remaining X-rays pass into a film cassette where they are absorbed by a chemical layer in the cassette known as a phosphor screen. The phosphor emits light proportional to the intensity of the X-ray beam striking it. In turn, this light exposes the X-ray film contained in the cassette. The exposed film is then processed in an automatic developer.

Fluoroscopic Screening:
Screening or 'fluoroscopic screening' enables radiologists to visualize X-ray images in real time on a television monitor. This technique is used to perform a variety of X-ray procedures. In most instances this would involve the administration of some form of 'contrast' agent to outline the region of interest. Barium contrast is used to coat the gastrointestinal tract and may be swallowed as in a barium meal or introduced via the rectum in a barium enema. Intravenous contrast is used to define the veins in a venogram or to outline an abscess cavity in a sinogram. In all these procedures, the radiologist uses the X-ray images displayed on the television monitor to guide the examination and to position the region of interest to obtain 'spot' films. The spot films provide more detail than is available on the monitor and act as a permanent record of the examination. Spot films may be either conventional X-ray films or alternatively digital images that are temporarily stored on a computer.

OPG is an abbreviation of OrthoPanTomoGram. 'Ortho' as in orthodontics refers to the teeth. 'Pan' refers to the panoramic display of the teeth produced by the technique. A Tomogram is an X-ray image that is focussed in a single plane of the client. The OPG machine is specifically designed to produce panoramic tomographic X-rays of the teeth, jaws and temperomandibular joints. The physical principles are similar to conventional tomograms however with an OPG the plane of focus is curved to match the curve of the jaws. The images provide an overview of the state of the dentition as well as information regarding the bones of the jaw (the mandible and maxilla), the sinuses in the upper jaw and the joints between the jaw and the skull (the temperomandibular joints). The OPG machines can also perform a 'lateral cephalogram' which is a standard lateral view of the skull.

Ultrasound is a technique for visualizing internal structures in the body using sound waves. The sound waves are of a much higher frequency than audible sound. The sound waves are produced by a small hand held device known as a transducer or ultrasound probe. The probe consists of a piezoelectric crystal that vibrates when a voltage is applied. These vibrations are transmitted from the probe into the body and travel through the soft tissues until they hit an interface between two different structures. At a tissue interface some echoes are reflected back to the transducer and some are transmitted deeper into the body. The reflected sound waves travel back to the probe and set up small vibrations in the transducer crystal that produced the sound in the first place. The vibrations produce a small voltage across the crystal. The voltage is read and digitized for subsequent computer analysis.

CT-Angiography Non-invasive imaging technologies continue to revolutionize every subspecialty of medicine. This scanner has a special x-ray tube and rotation speed, capable of performing 64 rotations in a second. In each rotation, 64-slices are produced, giving us approximately 182 slices per second. This is the fastest scanner in the industry, currently. The introduction of 182-slice cardiac CT allows nearly all patients to be scanned with very high resolution. Scan times are now on the order of several seconds (usually 5-13 seconds) this means that even patients with severe pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure can hold their breath for the required length of time. Reduced time translates to minimal or no motion artefacts. Furthermore, higher number of slices means higher resolution Such high resolution allows visualization of the entire coronary tree with extremely high accuracy and detail.

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Accreditation:   NON NABL
Ambulance Available:   No

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List of Diagnostic test/s - Ganesh Diagnostc & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd
 MRI Angigography Per Part
 MRI Head
 MRI With MR. Angiography
 MR. Spectroscopy
 MRI Brain With CSF Flow Study
 MRI Orbit
 MRI Mastoid
 MRI Cervical Spine
 MRI lumbosacral spine
 MRI Dorsal Spine
 MRI Whole Spine Screening
 MRI Upper Abdomen
 MRI Lower Abdomen
 MRI Whole Abdoman
 MRI Upper Abdoman With MRCP
 M.R.C.P. (MR. Cholangio Pancreatography
 MRI Chest
 MRI Pelvis
 MRI Single Joint Periphral Angiography (Per Region Of Interest)
 MRI Uppre Abdomen and MR Uropraphy Cardica MRI with Cime MR Angiography Of Heart
 MRI Brain With MRS
 MRI Spien With MR Myelography
 Functional MRI
 Seizure Protocol
 Stroke Protocol
 Stroke Protocol Perfusion Imaging
 Anasthesia Charge
 Transient Ischemic Attack Protocol
 Trigeminal Neuralgia
 Tumor Protocol (Brain)
 Vertigo Protocol
 MR Spectroscopy Brain
 MRI Brain +3D Multivoxel Spectroscopy
 Multiple Sclerosic(MS) Protocol
 Ahemifacial Spams
 Low Backache Protocol
 CT Scan Head Plain
 CT Scan Head Contrast
 CT Scan Head Plain and Contrast
 HRCT Inner Ear (Axial Of Coronal)
 HRCT Temporal Both Axial and Coronal
 HRCT Lungs
 Hip Joints
 CT Head with Limited study of PNS
 CE-CT Neck/Face
 Chest (Thorax)
 C.T. Guided FNAC
 CECT per Region of interest
 CECT Biphasic/ Triphasic (Whole Abdomen)
 CE-CT Renal Angio
 CE-CT Abdominal Angio
 CE-CT Brain Angio
 CE-CT Urography
 CECT Peripheral Angio (Upper of Lower Limb)
 CT Coronary Angiography
 CECT Biphasic/ Triphasic (Upper Abdomen)
 NCCT CV junction
 NCCT Neck
 NCCT K.U.B. Region
 NCCT per Region of Interest (with 3 D)
 Sella Turcica Axial /Coronal each
 Spine (for three Levels)
 S.I. Joints
 Both Axial and Coronal
 Both Axial and Coronal
 Both Axial and Coronal
 Orbits Axial/Coronal
 P.N.S. Axial/ Coronal
 Ultrasound Lower Abdomen
 Lower Chest and Upper Abdomen
 Ultrasound Upper Abdomen
 For Each Extra level
 Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scan (Thallium / Tetrofosmin/MIBI)
 Sestamibi/Tetrofosmin-Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scan
 Scintimammography (MIBI)
 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion Scan (HMPAO/ECD)
 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion Scan (lctal Study)
 SPECT Cerebral Perfusion Scan (Pre and Post Diamox Intervention Study)
 Salivary Gland Imaging
 Strontium Palliative Therapy for Bone Metastasis
 Gated Myocardial Perfusion SPECT (With ejection fraction)
 Gallium whole body and SPECT scan
 Gallium whole body and SPECT scan
 GHA Brain SPECT (For Recurrent / Residual Tumor)
 GHA Brain SPECT (For Recurrent/Residual Tumor)
 Gl Bleed Scan
 Gastroesophageal Reflux
 Gallium Whole Body Scan
 Myocardial Viability Assessment (Resting Study)
 MUGA- Radionuclide Ventriculography (Resting)
 MUGA- Radionuclide Ventriculography (Dobutamine Stress)
 MIBI Brain SPECT (For Recurrent / Residual Tumor)
 MIBI Brain SPECT (For Recurrent/Residual Tumor)
 Meckels Diverliculum
 (In case pharmacological stress is required:
cost of adenosine/ Dobutamine injection will be extra)
 DTPA Renogram with GFR
 ACE -Inhibitor Renogram (Baseline and Captodl) for RVH/RAS
 Adrenal Imaging
 DMSA Renal Cortical Scan
 DRCG for VU reflux (Direct Radionuclide Cystourethrogram)
 Transplant evaluation (Renal Dynamic Study)
 Testicular Scan
 Thyroid Scan
 Thyroid Scan
 Thallium Brain SPECT (For Recurrent/Residual Tumor)
 Parathyroid Scan (Sestamibi)
 Parathyroid Scan
 Planar Whole Body Bone Scan Whole Body and SPECT bone Scan Additional SPECT
 PET Viability Scan (Cardiac)
 Whole body – Iodine Scan (Ca Thyroid)
 Whole body bone scan
 Whole body and SPECT bone Scan
 Whole body PET/CT scan
 Infection Imaging (Leucocyte Scan)
 Iodine Therapy for Thyrotoxicosis
 I - 131 MIBG Scan
 3 Phase Bone Scan without SPECT*
 Cisternography (Scan Charges only)*
 CSF Leak Study (Scan Charges only)*
 Hepatobiliary Study – HIDA Scan
 Liver and Spleen – Planar and SPECT Scan (Colloid)
 Liver and Spleen – Planar and SPECT Scan (Blood Poll)
 Lung Ventilation Scan
 Lung Perfusion Scan
 Lung Ventilation/Perfusion Scan
 Radionuclide Venography
 Radiation Synovectomy (Yttrium – isotope cost only)
 Iodine uptake test (10-50 mCi)
 2-5 mCi
 5.1 – 10 mCi
 Lipid Profile
 C. Haemogram (CBC)
 Complete blood count (CBC)
 Thyroid Profile
 D L C
 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
 Palatelet Count
 Peripheral Blood Smear
 BT(Bleeding Time) and CT (Clotting Time)
 Montoux Test
 Plasma Blood Sugar Fasting
 Blood Sugar (P.P.)
 B. Urea
 S.G.P.T. (A.L.T)
 Serum Insulin
 Creatine Kinase-MB
 Total CPK
 P T
 Urine Routine Examination
 Urine Bile Salt and Bile Pigments
 Urine Culture
 Stool Routine Examination
 Stool Occult Blood
 Reducing Sugar
 Stool C/S
 Semen Analysis
 Semen C/S
 Semen Washing
 PAP Smear
 Widal Tube
 VDRL (Syphilis Detection Tests)
 RA Factor
 CRP (Quantative)
 ASO Test
 HIV I and II
 TB Elisa, IgA,IgM,IgG
 Torch Test (IgG/IgM) Each
 Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
 Smooth Muscle Antibody
 Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Status
 Beta-hCG Tissue
 Triple Test
 Complexed PSA
 Free PSA
 Carbohydrate Antigen (CA) 19-9
 Cancer Antigen 125 (CA-125)
 HCV Rapid
 H B Electrophoresis
 Thalassemia Panel
 Protein Electrophoresis
 I V P (Non- Ionic)
 Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
 X-Ray Abdomen/Pelvis
 Xray Chest PA
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