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About Dr. Khanna Path Care Pvt Ltd
Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare Pvt. Ltd., established by Dr. Sherry Khanna in the year 2004, has set high standards of Quality and Innovation to fast become one of the leading chain of professionally managed Diagnostic Laboratories, in Northern India (including Delhi-NCR region, UP, Bihar & Orissa). It endeavours to render premium quality diagnostic services covering wide array of diagnostic tests.

Since last decade, as a formal recognition of technically competence, Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare has been continuously accorded NABL Accreditation by Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, in a large number of disciplines of Pathology In recognition of decade long devotion, dedication and selfless service towards wellness of patients, Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare has been awarded “GLOBAL HEALTHCARE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2013” for being best Diagnostic centre in Delhi in 2013.

Today, Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare Pvt. Ltd. is widely recognized as a centre of innovation and a premier chain of clinical Pathology Laboratories, that provides accurate and highest quality reports, due to immense dedication, expertise and hard work of team of Doctors & Professionally qualified Senior Technicians led by Dr. Sherry Khanna.

Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare Pvt. Ltd. has a dedicated R&D division, which has been recognized by the Government of India’s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for ‘in-house’ Research & Development. Since last decade, we have been conducting Joint R&D in PPP mode, with premier academic institutions like AIIMS, ICMR & IIT Delhi etc.

This helps in our endeavour to promote and implement technological advances that allow us to provide better service and patient care. For long time, we have also been participating in Clinical research with various multinational & Indian pharmaceutical / biotechnological companies , helping them in their pursuit to develop new products.

For more than a decade, Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare Pvt. Ltd. have provided Diagnostic services of Global Standards to more than 10 million ‘satisfied’ patients, who have entrusts us with their life.

You can book online all Blood Test, Radiology Test and Health Packages with Dr. Khanna’s Pathcare through www.Lazoi.com

Accreditation:   NABL
Ambulance Available:   No

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List of Diagnostic test/s - Dr. Khanna Path Care Pvt Ltd
 17 Alpha- Hydroxy Progesterone
 17 Alpha- Hydroxy Progesterone (30)
 17 Alpha- Hydroxy Progesterone (60)
 17 O H Corticosteroids
 17-hydroxyprogesterone (17-OHP)
 22 q 11 Del (Fish)
 5'- Alpha Dihydrotestosterone
 5'- Nucleotidase
 5-hydroxyindoleacetic Acid (HIAA)
 5-Aminolevulinic Acid (5- ALA), Urine
 A.C.T.H. Stimulation test For Aldosterone
 ASO Titre
 A:G Ratio
 ABG- Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
 Absolute Basophil Count
 Absolute CD3
 CD4 Lymphocyte Count
 Absolute CD8+ T Suppressor Cell Cou
 Absolute Eosinophil Count
 Absolute Granulocyte Count
 Absolute Lymphocyte Count
 Absolute Monocyte Count
 ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count)
 Anticentromere antibody (ACA)
 ACA (Anti Cardiolipin AntiBody)lgG D
 Serum acetone (ketone) test
 Acetone, Urine
 Acetylcholine Receptor Antibody
 Acid Bacilli, Sputum
 Acid Fast Bacilli, Pus
 Acid Fast Bacilli, Sputum 2 Day
 Acid Fast Bacilli, Sputum 3 Day
 Acid Fast Bacilli, Urine
 Acid Phosphatase (Prostatic Fractio)
 Acid Phosphatase Total
 Activated Partial Thromboplastint
 Activated Protein C Resistance (A P C
 ADA Fluid
 ADA Level, Serum
 ADA, Ascitic Fluid
 ADA, Gastric Fluid
 ADA, Pericardial Fluid
 ADA, Peritoneal Fluid
 ADA, Pleural Fluid
 ADA, Synovial Fluid
 Adenovirus Antibody (IgG)
 Adenovirus Antibody (IgM)
 AFB C/S Sensitivity
 AFB Culture and Testing
 AFB Sensitivity Test (5 Medicine)
 Albumin, 24 Hours Urine
 Albumin, C.S.F.
 Albumin, Fluid
 Albumin, Spot Urine
 Albumin- BCG
 Alcohol Screen, Blood
 Alcohol Urine
 Alcohol, Blood 1 1/2 Hour
 Alcohol, Blood 1 Hour
 Alcohol, Blood 1/2 Hour
 ALK Mutation
 Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kala AZAR
 Aldosterone, Serum
 Alkaline Phosphatase PNP AMP
 Alkaline Phosphatase PNPAMP
 Allergy Profile
 Allergy, Post Screening Comprehens
 Alpha 1 Antitrypsin
 Alpha 2 Macroglobulin
 Alpha Feto Protein- CLIA
 Aminoacidogram, (2-5) C S F
 Aminoacidogram, Urine
 AminoAcids, Plasma
 AminoAcids, Qualitattive, Urine
 Amiodarone (Cordarone, Aldarone)
 Amitryptiline (Amiline, Eliwel, Trptomer, Ela
 Ammonia, Drain Fliud
 Ammonia, Plasma
 Ammonia, Urine
 Amniotic Fluid Analysis
 Amoebic Serology
 Amylase, Ascitic Fluid
 Amylase, Cystic Fluid
 Amylase, Drain Fluid
 Amylase, Dranage Fluid
 Amylase, Pancreatic Fluid
 Amylase, Pleural Fluid
 Amylase, Serum-CNP G3
 Amylase,Spot Urine
 Alcohol, Screen, Random Urine
 Alkaline Phosphatase Electrophore
 27 Haemophilus Influenza From CSF
 ANF (Immunoflourescence)
 ANCA -MPO/C- ANCA (Serin proteinase 3 A
 ANCA-MPO/P- ANCA(Anti myeloperoxidase A)
 Androstenedione (A4)
 Angiotensin Converting Enzyme,S E
 Angiotensin II
 Anti Amoebic Antibodies (ELISA) DELE
 Anti Cardiolipin Antibody- IgA
 Anti Cardiolipin Antibody- IgG
 Anti D Nase B, Serum
 Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH)
 Anti Ds D N A
 Endomysial Antibody
 Anti Endomysial Antibody IgG
 Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Antibodies
 Anti Epstein Barr Virus To Viral Cap
 Anti G A D (Glutamic Acid Decarboxyl
 Anti Gliadin Anti Body, IgA
 Anti Gliadin AntiBody. I g G
 Anti- Aspergillosis- IgM
 Anti-Aspergillosis- IgG
 Anti H A V - I g M
 Anti H C V Antibodies Elisa
 Anti Hepatitis A Virus IgG
 Anti Hepatitis A Virus- I g M
 Anti Hepatitis A Virus- Total
 Anti Hepatitis B Core I g M
 Anti Hepatitis B Envelope Antigen- T
 Anti Hepatitis B Surface Antigen- TO
 Anti Hepatitis Be Ab
 Anti Hepatitis E Virus I g G
 Anti Hepatitis E Virus I g M
 Anti Histone Antibody
 Anti Insulin Antibody
 Anti Intrinsic Factor Antibody
 Anti Islet Cell Antibody
 Anti J O -1 Antibodies
 Anti Microsomal (Anti T P O) Antibod
 Anti Mitochondrial Antibody (AMA)
 Anti Mullerian Hormone
 Anti Nuclear Antibody (ANA)
 Antinuclear Antibody Panel
 Anti Phospholipid Antibodies (APA)
 Anti Phospholipid Antibody- I g G
 Anti Phospholipid Antibody- I g M
 Anti R N P Antibodies
 Anti Smooth Muscle Antibody (A S M A
 Anti Sperm Antibodies To Spermatoz
 Anti Sperm Antibodies To Spermatoz(
 Anti SSA (R o) IgG (ELISA)
 Anti Streptolysin - "O" (A S O)
 Anti Thrombin III
 Anti Thyroglobulin Antibody
 Varicella Zoster Virus test
 Anti Varicella Zozter (I g G)
 Anti- A- Titre
 Anti- C C P(Anti Cyclic Citrullinated P
 Anti- H Bc Antibody (Total)
 Anti- H C V (Immunochromatography)
 H.pylori antibody test
 Anti- Helicobacter Pylori (IgG)
 Anti- Helicobacter Pylori (IgM)
 Anti- Hepatitis B Core (IgM)
 Anti- Thyroglobulin Enzyme Immunoassay
 Anti-B- Titre
 Antibody To Hepatitis B Surface ANT
 Antiskeletal Muscle Antibody ASK
 Anto- TPO Enzyme Immunoassay
 APO A-1 : APO B Ratio
 Apolipoprotein A-I (APO A-1)
 Apolipoprotein- B (APO- B)
 Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)
 Arsenic Blood
 Ascitic Fliud Examination
 Ascitic Fluid For Albumin
 ASO Test
 Aspergillus AntiBody
 Aspergillus IgE
 Anti Cardiolipin Antibody- IgM
 B K Polyoma Virus P C R Urine
 B K Polyoma Virus PCR Blood
 B- Type Natriuretic Peptide (BNP)
 Bacterial Meningitis Screen
 Bartholin Cyst Fluid Examination
 Bartholian Cyst Fluid Examination
 BCR- ABL Quantitative
 BCR-ABL GENE Translocation (Fish)
 BCR-ABL Quantitative
 BCR-ABL Quantitative (CMIL)
 BCR-ABL, Quantitative
 Bence Jones Protein in Urine
 Benzodiazapine Urine
 Beta 2- Glycoprotein
 Anti-Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1
 Beta 2- Glycoprotein IgM
 Beta-2 Microglobulin Tumour Marker
 Beta- 2 Microglobulin, Urine
 Bile Acid
 Bilirubin (Newborn)
 Biotinidase, Serum
 Blastomyces Antibody
 Bleeding Time
 Blood Lead Test
 Blood Gases
 Blood Group
 Blood Lead Analysis
 Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
 Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy
 Brucella Agglutination Test
 Buccal Smear For Sex Chromatin
 Bun:S. Creatinine Ratio
 BCR-ABL GENE Translocation
 BCR-ABL GENR Translocation
 Beta 2- Glycoprotein IgG
 Absolute Eosinophil Count
 Anti-H C V- I g M
 C 1 Esterase Inhibitor Quantitative
 C P K Isoenzyme Electrophoresis
 C S F Examination
 C S F For India Ink Preparation
 Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody
 C- Peptide (Sample -2)
 C- Peptide (Sample-1)
 C- Peptide (Sample-3)
 C- Peptide - 0 Minute
 C- Peptide - 1 Minute
 C- Peptide - 2 Minute
 C- Peptide - 3 Minutes
 C- Peptide - 6 Minutes
 C- Peptide P.P
 C- Reactive Protein
 C- Reactive Protein -Quantitative
 High-sensitivity C-reactive Protein (hsCRP)
 C.P.K. (MB)
 C.R.P. Test
 C1q Compliment
 C3 Complement Component
 C4 Complement Component
 Carbohydrate Antigen (CA) 19-9
 Cancer Antigen 125 (CA-125)
 Calcitonin, Serum
 Calcium, 24 Hours Urine
 Calcium, Serum- Cresophtalein complex
 Calcium, Spot Urine
 Calcium,24 Hour Urine
 Calcium/ Creatinine Ratio
 Candida Antibody
 Cannabinoids Screen, Urine
 CAPD Fliud
 CAPD Fluid Examination
 Carbamezepine, Serum
 Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA)
 Carcino Embryonic Antigen (Drain F
 Catecholamine, 24 Hours Urine
 Catheter Tip
 CD 19
 CD 3(Total T Cells) Percentage
 CD Maker
 CD3 (Total T -Cells) Absolute
 CD4+T Helper Cell Percentage
 CD8+T Supressor Cell Percentage
 Centromere Antibody
 Ceruloplasmin , Serum
 Genital Human Papillomavirus (HPV Test)
 Chikungunya IgM (Rapid immunochromatography
 Chlamudia Trachomatis IgA
 Chlamydia Testing
 Chlamydia Trachomatis IgG
 Chloride, 24 Hours Urine
 Chloride, CSF
 Chloride, Spot Urine
 Chloride- ISE
 Cholesterol, Ascitic Fluid
 Cholesterol, CAPD Fluid
 Cholesterol, Fluid
 Cholesterol, Fluid
 Cholesterol, Serum -Enzyamatic Rate(C
 Cholesterol/HDL Ratio
 Cholinesterase Tests
 Chromogranin A
 Chromosome Analysis
 Chromosome Analysis, Philadelphi
 Chromosome Analysis, Product Of C
 Chromosome Analysis, Solid Tumou
 Chyle Test, Urine
 Citrate 24 Hour Urine
 Clot Retraction
 Clot Solubility
 Activated Clotting Time
 CO2 In Plasma (Venous)
 Cocaine Metabolite Screen, Urine
 Cold Agglutinins
 Comments On Peripheral Smear
 Comments On Peripheral Smear
 Total Complement
 Complement CH-50
 Copper Random Urine
 Copper, Serum
 Copper,24 Hours Urine
 Corresponding Post Prandial Urine S
 Corresponding Post Prandial Urine S
 Cortisol (30 Mts. After 250 Ug ACTH I/v)
 Cortisol (60 Mts. After 250 Ug ACTH I/v)
 Cortisol (AM), Serum
 Cortisol (Basal), Serum
 Cortisol (PM),Serum
 Cortisol - I
 Cortisol -II
 Cortisol -III
 Cortisol -IV
 Cortisol(Free),24 HRS. Urine
 Cortisol, 24 Hours Urine
 Cortisol, Plasma
 Urinary Cortisol
 Coxsackie B (1-6) Antibody IgG
 Coxsackie b (1-6) Antibody,IgM
 Total CPK
 Creatine Phospho Kinase -IFCC
 Creatinine Clearance Test, 24 HRS UR
 Creatinine Serum- Jafee Kinetic
 Creatinine, 24 Hours Urine
 Creatinine, 24 Hours Urine
 Creatinine, CAPD Fluid (0 Hour)
 Creatinine, CAPD Fluid (2 Hour)
 Creatinine, CAPD Fluid (4 Hour)
 Creatinine, Fluid
 Creatinine, Spot Urine
 Cryoglobulins, Qualitative
 Cryptococcus Antibody
 Cryptococcus Antigen
 Cryptococcus Antigen, CSF
 Culture (Eye Swab)
 Culture 2
 Culture 3
 Culture 4
 Culture 5
 Culture Anaerobic
 Sensitivity Testing
 Culture Water, Presumptive Colifo
 Culture, AFB
 Culture, AFB (Rapid)
 Culture, Ascitic Fluid
 Culture, Bact Alert,Blood (1 Week)
 Culture, Bact Alert,Blood (24 Hrs.)
 Culture, Bact Alert,Blood (48 Hrs.)
 Culture, Bact Alert,Blood (72 Hrs.)
 Culture, Bactech
 Culture, Bactec, Sputum
 Culture, Bactec, Urine
 Culture, Blood (1 Week)
 Culture, Blood (48 hrs.)
 Culture, C S F
 Culture, Catheter TIP
 Culture, Clostriclium Difficile
 Culture, Conjunctival SWAB
 Culture, Fungus
 Culture, Fungus (Sensitivity - 5 Drug
 Culture, Fungus,Nasal Swab
 Culture, Nasal Swab
 Culture, Nasal Swab Left
 Culture, Nasal Swab Right
 Culture, OT
 Culture, Pancreatic Pseudocyst
 Culture, Pericardial Fluid
 Culture, Peritoneal Fluid
 Culture, Pleural Fluid
 Culture, PUS
 Culture, PUS Swab
 Culture, Semen
 Stool Culture
 Strep Throat Test, Throat Culture
 Culture, Throat Swab (Centre)
 Culture, Throat Swab (Right)
 Culture, Urine
 Culture, Vaginal Swab
 Culture, Wound Swab
 Bacterial Sputum Culture
 Cyfra 21(Lung)
 Cyclosporine Levels
 Cystain C Quantitative
 Cysticercosis Serology (IgG)
 Cytology, Bronchial Aspirate
 Cytology, Fluid
 Cytology, Malignant Cells
 Cytology, Ovarian Cyst Fluid
 Cytology, Pancreatic Pseudocyst
 Cytology, Peritoneal Fluid
 Cytology, PUS
 Cytology, Semen
 Cytology, Sputum
 Cytology, Urine
 Cytomegalovirus (IgG)
 Cytomegalovirus (IgM)
 D L C
 D L C Ascitic Peritoneal Fluid
 D L C, Capd Fluid
 D- Dimer
 D- Dimer (Quantitative)Immuno-turbidimetry
 DHEA Sulfate
 Dengue Fever Testing
 Dengue NSI Ag, EIA
 Dexamethasone Suppression Test
 DHEA Sulphate
 Diastase, Urine
 Digoxin, Serum
 Dilantin/Phenytoin/Eption Level, SE
 Direct Coombs Test
 Direct Smear
 Double Marker Test
 Drugs of Abuse Testing
 Dual Test
 Dysmorphic RBC'S Urine
 E.S.R.(Westergren Method)
 Echinococcus IgG, Serum
 Echo Virus IgG
 Echo Virus IgM
 EGFR Mutation Analysis
 Elisa For Cryptococcus
 Elisa For Cryptococcus
 Elisa For Hepatitis B Surface Antige
 Epstein Barr Virus (IGG and IGM)
 Epstein Barr Virus IGG
 Epstein Barr Virus IGM
 Epstein Barr Virus PCR
 ER, PgR, DNA Ploidy
 Erythroppoietin, Serum
 Estimation Of Fructose In Seminal P
 Estradiol, Serum- CLIA
 Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Status
 Extended GTT
 Extended GTT
 Factor IX Assay
 Factor V Leiden Mutation
 Factor VII Assay
 Factor VIII Assay
 Factor X Assay
 Factor X Assay
 Factor XII Assay
 Factor XIII, Functional, Qualitative
 Fasting Urine Sugar
 Ferric Chloride
 Serum Ferritin
 Fibrin Degradation Products, Urine
 Fibrin Degradtion Products
 Fibrinogen Activity and Fibrinogen Antigen Assays
 Filaria/Wuchereria Bancrofti Antigen
 Kappa and Lambda Free Light Chains
 Free Kappa (Light Chain), Urine
 Free Lambda (Light Chain), Serum
 Free Lambda (Light Chain), Urine
 Free T3 and Total T3
 Free Thyroxine (T4)
 FT3 (Free T3)- CLIA
 FT4 (Free T4)- CLIA
 Absolute Granulocyte
 T L C, CAPD Fluid
 VDRL (Syphilis Detection Tests)
 VLDL Cholesterol
 TIBC - Total Iron Binding Capacity
 Valproic Acid
 Vit B12
 T.B. Interferon
 T.L.C. Ascitic Fluid
 T.L.C. Ascitic Peritoneal Fluid
 Tacrolimus Test
 Tegretol, Serum
 Test For Cryoglobulin
 Test For PNH
 Testosterone, Free
 Testosterone, Serum
 Thyroglobulin (Tg)
 Thyroid Antibodies
 Thyroid Microsomal Antibodies
 Thyroid-stimulating Hormone
 Tissue Transglutminase Antibody,IgA
 TNF-ALPHA, Serum (Tumor necrosis factor)
 Torch Profile (IgG)
 Torch IgM
 Total Antibody To Hepatitis A Virus
 Total Lipids
 WBC Differential (Total Lymphocytes)
 Total Lymphocytes(%)
 Total Proteins -Biuret
 Toxoplasma (IgG)
 Toxoplasma (IgM)
 Toxoplasma Avidity IgG
 Soluble Transferrin Receptor
 Transglutaminase Antibodies
 Triglyceride, Urine
 Triglyceride, Serum
 Triglycerides, Ascitic Fluid
 Triglyceride, CAPD Fliud
 Triglycerides, Fliud
 Triple Test
 Troponin I and Troponin T
 Triglycerides, Serum
 TSH- Ultrasensitive
 Typhi Dot IgG
 Typhidot (IgM/IgG) Each
 U1RNP Antibodies
 Unconjugated Estriol (E3)
 Urea : Creatinine Ratio
 Urea, 24 Hours Urine
 Urea, CAPD Fluid
 Urea, CAPD Fluid (0 Hours)
 Urea, CAPD Fluid (2 Hours)
 Urea, CAPD Fluid (4 Hours)
 Urea, Fluid
 Urea, Serum-GLDH
 Urea, Spot Urine
 Uric Acid,Spot Urine
 Uric Acid, 24 Hours Urine
 Uric Acid, Serum -Uricase
 Urine, Sodium 24 Hrs.
 Urine Albumin
 Urine Bile Salt and Bile Pigments
 Urine Culture
 Urine Dipstick
 Urine Test
 Urine For Chylomicron
 Urine For Fat Test
 Urine Pregnancy Test
 Urine Ion
 Urine Ketone Bodies
 Urine Nitrite
 Urine Protein
 Urine Protein : Creatinine Ratio
 Urine Routine Examination
 Urine Routine Examination (PP Sampl
 Urine Sugar
 Urine Sugar One Hour After 75 gms OF
 Urine Sugar Post Dinner
 Urine Sugar Post Lunch
 Urine Sugar Pre Lunch
 USG (Whole ABD.and Pelvis)
 Vitamin D-25 (Hydroxy)
 Vaginal Smear For Hormonal Assay
 Valproic Acid Levels
 Vanil Mandelic Acid (VMA),24 hrs Urin
 Vanil Mandelic Acid (VMA), Spot Urine
 Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide
 Vitamin A
 Vitamin B complex (B1)
 Vitamin B6
 Vitamin C, Ascrobic Acid
 Vitamin D1, 25-Dihydroxy
 Vitamin E
 VMA-Vanyl Mandelic Acid, 24 hrs Urin
 VMA-Vanyl Mandelic Acid, 24 hrs Urin
 von Willebrand Factor Antigen vWF Ag
 V D R L, C S F
 V L D L
 VDRL Titre
 Vitamin B 12, Serum
 V M A- Vanyl Mandelic Acid, Urine
 XY Chromosome
 Y Chromosome Microdeletion By PCR
 Z.N. Stain For M. Lepare
 Zinc Protoporphyrin (ZPP)
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