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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, certainly. You can import your data to DocPractice as a CSV, Excel, MS Access or any other electronic format. If you still require any technical assistance, our support team is ready to help you in migrating your data from your existing software, whether you prefer to call or email Alternatively, you can send us the file at support@lazoi.com and we'll import all of your existing data. Once the data is imported, your email will be automatically deleted from our email account.
No, not at all. These charges are all-inclusive of everything. You do not have to pay anything over and above the subscription amount. We’ve been on the consumer side too, no one likes hidden fees.
We’re a growing company but unfortunately, we’re not yet in a position to offer refunds for subscriptions once taken. Your subscription shall continue for the period for which you have paid. But we’re eager to work on any grievances or suggestions you may have for us so that we can serve you better. Just give us a mail or a call, taking advantage of the scale of our company, your concerns almost always go to someone in upper management.
We’ll be sad to see you leave. But if you no longer wish to use DocPractice, you can cancel your subscription at any time you’d like. At that point, your subscription will last until the end of the current paid cycle.
We put a lot of effort into R&D from the feedback we get from doctors like you all across the country. We try to create a versatile platform that suits the needs of all practices. And we’re always open to new suggestions too. Once you subscribe to the software, you are automatically entitled to all new updates and added features for free.
Not much at all. Barely an inconvenience. Our design philosophy is all about ease of use And Our support team is specially trained to get everything set up and working for you from the first day itself and guide you through every single step of the way. ​ Within 10 minutes, you’ll be using Docpractice as if you’ve been using it for years. This includes you and your staff.
We’re a Small Delhi-based Team who felt that the Online Healthcare shouldn't be a money or business oriented as it is today. So we decided to make a business out of it. Ironic, we know. But how do you change the system without actually giving an alternative? Gandhi said it best when he said to be the change you want to see in the world, and we want to see a future when online healthcare is not about selling you leads, but instead focuses on the relationship between Doctors and their patients. And we try to achieve that by providing you and your patients a seamless experience.
We’re glad you like their services. Competition in the Online Healthcare space is good for business, but it's better for all of us — for the future of our world. It allows all of us to strive for Innovation to be the best we can be. If you don’t prefer our services yet, that’s perfectly fine. Sooner or later, we’ll get there. In the end, our aim is not just to Satisfy you, but to amaze you.
Your satisfaction is our priority. Please let us know about any grievances or suggestions you’d have, and we’ll be addressing that as soon as possible.
Patients find you by searching Lazoi for symptoms, diseases, specialty your name or your clinic/hospital. They book appointments directly from the website by booking/rescheduling one of your free slots and then you get complete access to communicate with your patients even with our most basic subscription, we don’t block them behind individual paywalls, unlike a few others.
Our customer support team is always ready to help you. You can contact the support team with any queries via email to support@lazoi.com or via phone to +91- 080103-35566 or taking advantage of the scale of our company, your concerns almost always go to someone in upper management.