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Looking for the smartest way to manage and run your pharmacy business? Well, you have landed at the right place. In a highly competitive environment, pharmacies these days are leveraging technology to strengthen business and improve customer service capabilities. With the rise in demand for speciality drugs, it is mandated for pharmacies to choose more specialized management platforms for maintaining compliance and reach a higher customer base. Since, pharmacy business is no longer about prescriptions; Lazoi offers bespoke pharmacy management software that increases visibility and control of all pharmacy management processes.

Lazoi’s pharmacy management software is a well integrated software which helps in managing drug distribution, stock management, fuelling growth and meeting the growing expectations of your customers.

Groundbreaking features of Lazoi’s pharmacy management software

• Ease off transactions: Managing sales has just been made easy. One of the core operations of this pharmacy management software is the automation of the sales process. Plus, it allows you to keep a detailed history of all transactions.

• Manage inventory effectively: The next significant feature of this software is inventory management. You get total control over your inventory, i.e. at any given point of time you know how much inventory you have and how much you need to purchase.

• Streamline pharmacy operations:Whether you are distributing to hospitals, doctors or directly to patients, this pharmacy management software allows you to handle pharmacy operations more efficiently.

• Add/Edit medicine details: The software empowers you to add a particular medicine, its brand name, quality, form, the salt/s and the price. You also have the option to edit the details already entered. You can keep a track of your stock, previously booked medicines etc.

• Track your loyal customers: The software helps track your customers. You can easily make a list of your regular buyers, track their purchase history for repeat sales and to conduct product promotions.

• Instant reports/data: Real time customised reports and historical data at your fingertips. Analyse your pharmacy business in just few clicks.

• Free Upgrades: No need to buy the software again. You get free software updates for rest of your life.

• Cloud-based data: ll your data is highly secured with multiple encryptions and full backup which means your data is extremely safe, never lost and can be accessed anytime, anywhere

• Bonanza for health card holders: All our health card members get discounts while purchasing medicines online from Lazoi.

A pharmacy business is successful when all the channels run smoothly and swiftly. When you purchase wisely, manage inventory effectively, control margins and provide stupendous service to each customer, success is bound to follow. With that perspective, Lazoi aims to simplify your pharmacy business with innovative technological tools to serve your customers faster at no extra cost.

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